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About Us

About BS Machine

In addition to the technical services we offer together with our professional and unique team on a global level under the brand of BS Technic in 2013 with our experience more than 20 years in the tobacco and cigarette sector.

We continue to provide service with our professional team with a wide range of products (machinery and spare parts) to the producers of cigarette and other tobacco products particularly on the subject of cigarette production and packaging machines within the body of our factory going into the operation with the brand of BS Machine.

Apart from the brands of BS Machine and BS Technic, we aim to create a wider service environment for our customers with our services of NTM and tobacco supply under the brand of BS Trade. Giving a new dynamism to the sector with our new slogan “One Supplier All Services”, we are proud of being the leader and the strongest actor of the sector within its segment with the power of BS GROUP we took behind us.


Our vision is to become one of the leading machinery & equipment supplier globally, via sustaining a competitive advantage without compromising the quality requirements and utilizing continuous improvement practices.


It is our mission to ensure sustainable supply of machinery and equipment to our clients and partners while maintaining a commercially makes sense model with a lead time sensitive approach.